Tips and Tricks to Getting the Best Out of Your LMS.

2 min readMar 29, 2022


There’s no doubt that we all want the best out of every platform or plan we invest in. Even when we’re absolutely clueless, we seek help. Yup, I brought help on how to get the most out of your LMS. To give users a positive and fruitful learning experience, you need a well-optimized LMS that aligns with the needs and expectations of your students (like and this cannot be done if the full potential of the LMS is not explored.

Here, we’ll explore the five tips which will aid in achieving this.

  • Track activities on your LMS to know what works and what doesn’t. This can be done by monitoring time spent on each course content, student progress, learning assessment and outcomes and learner satisfaction rates. Utilize reporting and drill into what’s working and what’s not. This will continually improve both the experience and the information retention for your learners.
  • Revamping the color scheme or altering your theme can do wonders for your User experience. Avoid dull outlooks and cluttered layouts, to aid content readability. Interactive contents are always a win for student engagement so it’s advisable to make better use of multimedia content (such as images, videos, charts, gifs, etc.) to break the redundancy of a boring course.
  • Aid understanding of the software by integrating FAQ & feedback features that’ll be answered promptly. LMS will be rendered useless if students can’t navigate it properly. Repeating issues might call for a modification of the User Interface. Contents should be easily accessible, walkthrough videos and documentation help too.
  • Beyond knowledge, learning is also about empowerment, self-growth, and personality development. Encouraging teamwork and collaboration through a shared workspace or installing a collaborative spirit with leaderboards & progress bars will influence personal growth.
  • An LMS is a virtual classroom, only much bigger and dynamic. Tools like personal messaging, discussion forums, video conferencing, event planning and calendars (as available on Klasconnect LMS) keep your database open and sociable. Interactive learning is proven to aid knowledge sharing in the most systematic, fun and engaging manner.

With these tips, you can realize the added advantages of maximized utilization of your course. Getting the most out of your LMS is a continual process that takes time, patience, and consistent efforts. The aim is to make your content valuable and give users a satisfying and positive learning experience.

Thoughts? Share tricks you know with us in the comment section.